for those "sleep is way better than a shower" days...

tuesday and thursday mornings are pretty early around here. well, not really. but they're earlier than every other day of the, yeah. more often than not, i choose to forego an early morning shower, throw my hair up in a messy bun, pull on my favorite gym clothes and head to class. as you can imagine, i tend to look a little, shall we say "rough". it just so happens that polka dots are the perfect antidote to that.

the headband and scarf are from Megan of She Does Justice, which is an incredible handmade shop committed to giving back to organizations that are doing great work loving people who need it most. for more about the shop and what they're doing, you can visit this page.

and, while you're there, you should probably pick up one of their super comfortable headbands or a lightweight infinity scarf. or maybe both.

use code "FMGD20" for 20% off your order!

sweatshirt from H&M - because i know someone is going to ask ;)

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