this dress, you guys.

i realized the other day that i never instagrammed what i wore on easter. i can also say with 100% confidence that i never expected my life to turn into something that i would instagram all the time. technology is funny. life is, too.

 anyway, i about had a conniption fit when i saw this dress in j crew. it’s like there was a tiny mob of angels singing and flying above the rack, telling me that this dress is actually something straight out of heaven. there’s a chance that i exaggerated that a bit. it’s tough to say.

i was pretty sure that i loved it before i even tried it on, but that all changed when i actually was in the fitting room. my goodness, i was ready to wear it right out of the store. but that would have been a terrible idea since it was close to 40 degrees. also, i probably would’ve been in trouble for shoplifting.

did i mention that it was on crazy sale? crazy sale, i tell you. like, i would have bought it in every other color they had except the only other color they had was yellow and, well, yellow and i don’t really get along too well.

prepare to see this dress quite often this spring/summer. sorry, in advance.
dress: J Crew Factory
necklace: Francesca’s (no longer available)
shoes: J Crew Factory
rings: Kate Spade
bangle: Kate Spade (similar)
bracelet: J Crew Factory (similar)

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