i was reading a book the other day and it was talking about how most people have some sort of dream that they're working towards in their life. whether it's a dream of a specific career, having a family, achieving a goal, or something else. it got me thinking that i don't really have one overarching dream for my life, besides having a house full of kittens all the time. there isn't something specific that i'm working towards. yes, i'd like to get married and have a family someday. and yes, i'd like to have a career that i love. but, there isn't that one specific thing that i'm trying to achieve. right now, i'm okay with that because it means that i can choose to do whatever i want. i don't have to make certain decisions in order to fulfill my dream, whatever it may be.

but, i wonder if that will wear off and i'll feel the need to be working towards something? or maybe i'll realize that i do have a dream, i just didn't know it was there? who knows.

do you have a dream?