DIY gallery wall

i've always loved gallery walls. i love how easily they can fill up a space, and that they're usually made up of different things. i tend to get bored easily with my decor around my apartment, so something like a gallery wall is good for me. it adds some good variety, which means that i don't get bored with it two weeks later.

this gallery wall is particularly great because most of it was DIY'd, and the rest of it was stuff that i already had laying around. the 3 canvases (dots, stripes, and xoxo) and the "eat cake for breakfast" framed one were made by me. i just bought some simple things at the craft store and Target and let my creative hands go to work. the "xoxo" and "eat cake for breakfast" are made with stickers that i found at Target. the dots one is made from scrapbook paper and a round paper punch. and the striped one is made from a roll of thin paper - you could also use ribbon.

i love that there's no right or wrong way to do a gallery wall. just do what you like and arrange it how you like. you really can't go wrong. and i love being able to look up from my computer and be inspired!

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