Giveaway: Alice in Bloom

wearing the Braided Boho Headband c/o Alice in Bloom
wearing the Sailor's Knot Headband c/o Alice in Bloom 
i tend to be kind of boring with my hair. i either wear it down and curled, down and straight, half up, or in a ponytail. i almost never wear headbands or any other accessory. i'm sensitive to headbands that are too tight, so i try to avoid the issue altogether by not wearing headbands. that was, until i received these two beautiful headbands from Brittany of Alice in Bloom. the top one is great to throw on with a ponytail or like i'm wearing it in the photo, to keep my hair out of my face. it will be especially useful during the warm summer months, when i don't want my hair in my face while i'm sweating all my makeup off.

the bottom one is fun because it's got a fun knot embellishment on it, which adds a little something different to the headband.

they're both super comfortable and definitely something i could wear a whole day without getting a headache.

so, if you're looking for a new headband, head over to Alice in Bloom and pick one out for yourself!

note: Brittany is adorable and wears them as "boho" headbands (you'll know what i mean when you visit her shop). unfortunately, i can't quite pull that look off, so i just wore them the traditional way. they can be worn both ways, though!
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