most of you probably know by now that Kate is my sister, which means that my hair encountered highlights for the first time when i was about 12 years old. add 11 more years of highlights, heat damage, and way too many split ends, and my poor hair needs all the help it can get.

side note: whenever Kate does my hair, i refuse to let her cut more than about 1 millimeter off the ends. why? because she once scarred me by chopping way too much hair off of my head, leaving me nearly bald (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. but, it gave you a scary picture in your mind, right?). from then on, girlfriend is lucky she even is allowed to take shears near my precious, dead, scraggly, split ends.

back to the important stuff, i like to change up the products that i use on my hair and try new things. so, these three are what i’m loving right now. i’m hoping that Split Remedy helps to at least maintain the sad state of my ends, not allowing them to get worse.

another side note: you’re probably thinking, why don’t you just cut off your split ends and start with fresh ones? thanks for asking, here’s why: 1) it took about 7 years (no lie) to get my hair to the length that it is now – every single long hair on my head is absolute gold to me, and 2) my damaged ends basically start at my chin. i’m serious. so, yeah, i’d have to cut off all my hair, which we know isn’t going to happen (see reason 1).

that dry shampoo has worked wonders on my hair. not only is it great for day 2 or day 3 hair to minimize the look of oily hair and add a little life, but it’s also great for adding some grit and texture to give your hair some more volume on the day that you wash. i spray some at my roots every time i style my hair – it slows down the process of my hair getting oily and helps me to make my head look like it has more than 12 strands of hair coming out of it.

lastly, the layer lift is a good volumizer that i’ve been using instead of Aquage lately. i realized that Aquage was making my hair get oily faster (i couldn’t go past day 2), so i started using something different and it’s made a great difference.

TRESemme Split Remedy
TRESemme FreshStart
Redken Layer Lift 

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