i've recently discovered the goodness that is coconut oil. if you haven't tried it before, you should. there are so many great ways to use it, and not just for cooking (for many uses, just google "uses of coconut oil").

i came across a lot of websites that said mixing equal parts coconut oil and baking soda makes a great face wash. so, i tried it. turns out, all those genius people that said that were right. i've been using it to wash my face for about a week now, and i love the way my skin looks and feels! it's brighter, clearer, and softer.

all you have to do it wet your face, wash your face with the mixture, rinse (it will feel soft and oily because of the coconut oil), and pat dry. for a little added moisture, rub a bit of coconut oil between your fingers and apply it all over your face. warning: it takes about 17.5 hours for the stuff to soak in. okay, not that long. but it feels like forever. so, beware.