this past weekend, my mom and i participated in a women’s sprint triathlon here in Raleigh. it consisted of a 225 yard swim, 9 mile bike, and 2 mile run. we signed up last fall and spent the last several months training, which paid off. although, if i do another tri in the future, i’ll definitely spend more time on my bike. and maybe even invest in a road bike.

the bike part was definitely the hardest. the race was hosted at a local YMCA, which means that the bike route was through a nearby neighborhood, full of potholes and hills. and when i say hills, i mean mountains. i’m talking gears in 1:1, nearly going backwards i was going so slow, internally chanting “left, right, left, right”. it was tough. but there were tons of people along the route cheering us on and motivating us to keep going! god bless those people.

before the race, i set personal goals for each event. for the swim, i didn’t want to stop at all or have to take any breaks. for the bike, i didn’t want to get off my bike at any point. for the run, i wanted to run the whole thing, once i got my legs back after being on the bike. and guess what? i accomplished all of my goals! it helped to have a little personal competition going on, if you will.

before the race! all marked up. mind you, there are still traces of it on my arms and legs and it’s now Tuesday. and i’ve showered, i promise.

a little pre-race stretching lesson, courtesy of my brother-in-law
everyone had what their age would be at the end of this year written on the back of their legs. i’d be lying if i didn’t use that as a little inspiration during each event. oh, there’s a 70 year old beating me on this bike ride? yeah, i can do this. 
soaking wet (just after my swim) and ready to ride!
and we’re off! 
my mom was a beast on the bike ride – she beat me by just a little over a minute.
i cannot describe to you what sweet relief it was to see the finish line of that bike ride. 

what you think you’re looking at is legs. you’re wrong. you’re looking at jell-o. 

i loved being able to see my mom cross the finish line, too!
post race, waiting to get our photo taken. i downed a bottle of water in less than 25 seconds.
i’m so glad that we did it. although, i’d be lying if i said i didn’t wish for thunder a couple times that morning (which would have canceled the race). i really felt to accomplished and proud of myself for finishing it. i did the whole thing in 1:23:20, and my mom was just 3 minutes behind me. although i didn’t come in first place – shocking, i know – i did better than i expected in each event, which is all i could ask for! 
one thing i really loved about this race was that it was an all-women’s race and everyone was so encouraging. even when women would pass me on their bikes, they’d be encouraging me to keep going and not give up! women of all ages, shapes, and sizes participated and i truly was inspired but what i witnessed. 
one thing i didn’t expect? that i would enjoy it enough to want to do another one in the future. 
p.s. if you live in or near north carolina, i strongly recommend ramblin’ rose events

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