saturday morning, i woke up just like any other day. worked out, showered, did some blog stuff. typical. my roommate asked me if i was interested in going to starbucks with her later in the afternoon to work on some things, i told her that sounded great. she left the apartment to run an errand and was supposed to be back to get me so that we could go to starbucks. i had a bit of time to kill, so i turned on the Bulls play-off game and got a text from my boyfriend. he said he had just woken up (yep, it was like 2pm) and was asking what i was up to. i told him, and we texted a little back and forth. my roommate came in the apartment and told me that she had a graduation gift for me in her car and it was too heavy for her to carry all the way upstairs, so she asked if i could help her get it out of her car.

my first thought: what on earth did she get me that would be too heavy to carry upstairs?!

i slipped on some sandals and, with Sam behind me, opened the door to our apartment to go get my gift. and then i stopped dead in my tracks.

why? because this guy was standing right outside my door:

it honestly took me a second to realize that my boyfriend was standing in the flesh in front of me! i think i said something along the lines of "you are not here right now!" (i tend to deny things when i'm's a weird thing). i was so shocked and surprised. it took about 10 minutes for me to fully accept that he was actually here. after a couple minutes of denial and hugging, they filled me in on their sneaky plan to get him here and surprise me for graduation. moral of the story? i have the best friend and boyfriend on the planet. his visit couldn't have come at a better time (i had a stressful couple of weeks and was so happy to spend time with my favorite person).
we had such a good weekend together and i loved every second of it. i feel so lucky to have him.

oh, and the best part? i get to see him again in just 3 weeks!