i've said it before and i'm sure i'll say it again - maxi skirts are the cat's pajamas. i'd say roughly 90% of the male population would disagree (i personally know way too many guys that hate maxi skirts. it's weird.), but i'm all about them. they're comfortable, stylish, and so versatile.

i've kind of been banned from wearing them around my boyfriend (he hates them). although, let's be honest, i'm going to wear a maxi skirt if i feel like wearing a maxi skirt. he doesn't know it yet (actually, yeah he does), but he has pretty much no say over what i wear and what looks good. because, well, i think i'm a more reliable source than he is. so, there's that.

either way, i'd wear a maxi skirt everyday of my life if i owned more than two. i just love them.

are you team maxi skirt or team anti-maxi skirt?

top: Gap
skirt: Target
sandals: Target
necklace: Kate Spade Outlet


  1. Guys are so silly sometimes with their random fashion opinions! I adore maxis and couldn't agree more! Love how simple & comfy but put together this look is!

  2. I'm obsessed with maxi skirts & dresses! I now own 3 skirts & 1 dress except I'm kind of wishing my entire summer wardrobe was filled with them!

    Haha love what you said about your man!

  3. I adore maxi skirts (and dresses!) hubby likes them too, so I wear them A LOT :)

  4. I adore maxi skirts (and dresses!) hubby likes them too, so I wear them A LOT :)

  5. Team maxi. And I love that my BF is team maxi too!

  6. Team maxi all the way. I had no idea guys hated them! I have been thinking I needs many, many more as soon as my shopping ban is over!

  7. Funny you wrote this post, I just bought my first over the weekend. I love it and know I'm going to get a ton of use out of it this summer!


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