1. add a pretty and fragrant candle to light when you're taking a bath or getting ready in the morning. it's calming and makes the bathroom smell great!
2. put some of your makeup or perfume on a cake stand. it adds some dimension to your counter and creates a fancy feel.
3. display your bobby pins and hair clips in a jewelry stand instead of having them thrown into a basket or bag.
4. use decorative bowls to hold things like lipsticks and hairties.
5. throw a chalkboard label on an old food jar to hold your Q-tips or makeup brushes.
6. invest in some makeup organization that's pretty for the counter (if you have the space). i purchased mine at The Container Store, but i know TJ Maxx/Marshall's carries some acrylic ones for cheap, too!
7. fill up a magazine rack next to the throne for a little light reading, if you need it ;)