How I Spent My Weekend

i’m almost back into normal life after traveling and being gone for five days. i had an early morning of travel yesterday, got home and unpacked (obviously the first thing i do – i hate having my things in a suitcase after a trip), and decided it would be a good idea to take a nap. man, i slept so good. probably better than i slept any night while i was gone. there’s something about nap sleep that’s so much better than night sleep. anyone with me on that?

my parent’s house

i was happy to get back to the cats and back to real life, but sad to leave my dude and time with the family. i feel like the long weekend was packed with a lot of activities, so i never really got to relax all that much. as i mentioned yesterday, i did some apartment hunting with my future roommate on thursday in the city. it was fun to walk around and imagine what my life will be like there. i think i’ll really enjoy it and it will be a great adventure. i’m fully anticipating learning a lot and probably struggling the first few months (the cost of living is just a bit higher than what i’m used to in raleigh). but, i think there’s a lot of value in that. i’m excited to “grow up” and take a huge leap into adulthood…and run the risk of falling flat on my face. that’s okay with me. people do it all the time, right?

mike stood up in a friend’s wedding this weekend, so i accompanied him to the rehearsal dinner on friday night at Giordano’s for some serious Chicago-style pizza. my mouth is watering as i write this. the wedding was Saturday afternoon at a pretty church in the suburbs. if you remember me asking for your help last week about what dress to wear, you’ll see that i chose the lighter blue one.

it felt more appropriate for the venue and was a bit more summery than the navy one. the reception was at a beautiful country club just a few blocks over from the church. because mike was in the wedding party, he had to abandon me to take some more photos, so i was left for dead for the cocktail hour…where i didn’t know a soul. not a single soul. thankfully, my roommate answered my phone call, so we chatted for a bit until mike came back for me. and that’s when i met a good portion of his college friends. i had been looking forward to that for awhile, mostly because i’d heard so much about them and they were part of so many of mike’s stories that he’s told me. i was seated at the back corner (yeah, we were basically annexed out of the reception. i don’t blame them though. we were a little rowdy. but we had fun, so that’s what matters!) table with all of them and had a lot of fun getting to know them. it was actually pretty funny how many of their jokes and mannerisms mike has picked up (or contributed) from them – i feel like i understand him a lot better now. oh, and i was called into one of those darn circles on the dance floor. you know, the one where everyone avoids eye contact with the one in the middle, hoping that they’re not the next victim to have to come up with some weird dance move to do until the crowd is satisfied an nominates a new victim. yeah, my name was chanted to go in the middle. mike was taking a break at the table, so i dragged one of his friend’s with me and we danced for about 4 seconds until a new song came on the circle disappeared. phew.

Sunday night, my parents, brother, mike and I went out to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day and a belated birthday for my mom. we had delicious steaks and a complimentary molten lava cake. as if molten lava cake couldn’t get any better…make it complimentary. needless to say, we were all pretty much rolling out of the restaurant we were so full.

and those are the highlights. so, it was a pretty good weekend. the worst part? the next 5 1/2 weeks until i see mike again, in the flesh. it’s going to be pretty brutal.

hope you had a good weekend!

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