Random Thoughts

i don’t have anything particularly special to share with you today. but i do have some random thoughts and facts, in case you’re interested.

– i can’t stop making (and thinking about making) jewelry the past few days. as you may know, my sister and i own an etsy shop. i was struck with inspiration and it doesn’t seem to be leaving, which i’m not mad about.

– i’ve figured out the way to get Otis to snuggle in bed with me. Otis is the snuggler out of the two of them. Milo is that cat that will lay down just out of reach, Otis is that cat that will lay down on your legs as soon as you stretch them out. i’m a stomach-sleeper, which explains why Otis never snuggles in bed. he wants my legs! (duh, lauren) being the good cat mother that i am, i laid on my back and sure enough, he was there to snuggle and sleep for hours. i woke up at 4am and he was still there. best ever, i tell ya.

– i’ve almost convinced myself that i have some sort of problem – clumsiness or otherwise. my legs always have at least three inexplicable bruises. always. it makes for wearing shorts and skirts a little less than ideal. also, maybe i sleep walk and run into things? who could ever know.

– my roommate and i watched a show on Discovery Channel the other night about the tornado that hit OK not too long ago. it was heartbreaking and terrifying to see just how massively destructive it was. it also re-affirmed that my greatest fear is tornadoes.

– job hunting is the worst. i officially hate internet research of any kind. which is funny because i probably spend more time on the internet than the average person thanks to this blog and my online business. i’m a walking contradiction.

top: Zara
vest: Target
shorts: Target
sandals: Target (similar)
bracelets: Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry
necklace: Madewell

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  1. Kate wrote:

    Job hunting really is THE WORST. I've been searching for six+ months since graduation and haven't had a single bit of luck. Ugh. I definitely, definitely feel your pain on that one!!

    Posted 6.7.13 Reply

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