Vacation Eating

can we talk about vacation eating for a second? i’m talking about the phenomenon that occurs where your brain suddenly loses any sort of good judgment when it comes to the types of foods that you eat when you’re not at home. oh, you don’t have that? weird. you do? good. i’m not alone. i knew there had to be other people like me that lack total self-control on vacation. glad to meet you.

i’ve been home for a couple days and am finally getting back into my normal eating habits, which feels good. but i still find myself craving dessert just about every night. (this could have something to do with the fact that i have my monthly visitor, too. TMI? sorry. it’s the chocolate talking.) i also haven’t quite gotten back into my normal workout routine yet because of said visitor, but am really looking forward to working out regularly again and not feeling so…gross. i just feel like i need to detox my body from the deep-dish pizza, chicago style hot dogs, hot french fries, rich steak, and endless dessert that i consumed while home. man, that all sounds really good right now. salad thoughts, salad thoughts, salad thoughts. 

one thing i’m beginning to realize about moving to Chicago is that i’m going to have quite possibly some of the world’s greatest foods at my fingertips. and now i’m going to look for a gym to join once i move. that is my only hope if i don’t want to gain the new-move 15 (like the freshman 15…but different. because there’s really not a good reason for it, but there’s a good chance that it will happen).

top: c/o Francesca’s
skirt: c/o The Chic Orchid
wedges: Target
necklace: c/o Maya Brenner

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  1. Angi Engle wrote:

    You have never written truer words than these here today #preachit

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