Weekend Recap

hope you pretty ladies had a relaxing, fun and all around great weekend! i had a pretty fun one myself, thanks for asking 😉

my roommate and i were sitting on our living room floor at about 4:30 on friday afternoon, playing with the cats and talking (as normal people do, yes?). we were trying to make plans for the night because we wanted to actually go out in public. it happens like maybe once a week…the good thing about us living together is that we’re really good at just chillin’ at home, watching TV and hanging out. it’s not like one of us is always dying to be out doing things and the other never likes to go out to eat or to go to some event. we’re pretty much identical when it comes to our idea of a good amount of social interaction (and how much money we feel like spending…which is as little as possible). anyway, we were looking things up online and i came across ItalianFest at a shopping center in the Raleigh area. obviously, we were in. we quickly got dressed and  headed out.

we found the cutest italian restaurant to eat at. funny side note: we’ve started doing this thing where we order the exact same thing when we’re out to eat – drinks and food. it makes it super easy for our waiter. we had a delicious dinner and then walked over to a little wine bar nearby. we grabbed an outdoor table and watched a local swing band perform. we stayed there for several hours and they started closing everything up, so we figured it was probably time to leave. instead of going straight home, we decided to go downtown for a little dancing. and let me tell you, i burned so many calories. we we’re non-stop moving for about 2.5 hours. i showered as soon as i got home, i was that sweaty. TMI?

Sunday was nice and relaxing. i had a virtual styling session with return client and helped her put together some work outfits, which was fun. it was a lounge day, and it was just what i needed.

so, in case you wondered, that’s how i spent my weekend!
top: J Crew Factory
shorts: J Crew Factory
sandals: Steve Madden

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  1. Angi Engle wrote:

    I guess you'll have to catch the food truck rodeo the next time it's in Raleigh! We had so much good food!

    Posted 6.10.13 Reply

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