4th of July Recap (+ a dance video)

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! i don’t know about you, but i felt like the weekend was never going to end by like Friday. it was the weirdest thing – it felt so long to me. not that i’m complaining, though.

on the 4th, Sam, Carrie, and I decided to brave the crowds downtown Raleigh and join in the holiday festivities. we had our share of good (read: fried and so unhealthy) food and a healthy dose of people watching (my favorite). we did a lot of standing in line and walking up and down the blocks watching weird things like wrestling matches and some amateur motocross performer. it was gettin’ real festive. we even had a little dance sesh while we were there, which you get the pleasure of witnessing (if you so choose) at the end of this post. you’re welcome.

dress: Target (way old), purse: Target

carrie’s blog and shop

bow & knot rings: Kate Spade, L ring: Nordstrom (similar

aaaaand here ends the exposure of my lack of dancing skills and my obvious ability to crack myself up.

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