are you a TV watcher? i kind of always have been. except during my first couple years of undergrad when i lived in a dorm. i love a good series that i can get sucked in to and feel like i'm a part of. so, i thought i'd share some of my favorite shows. well, that and the weather has been absolutely ridiculous here so i haven't had the opportunity to shoot any outfits outside. hopefully, i'll catch a break and be able to have some fresh style posts for this here blog soon. here's my list, in no particular order, of some of my favorite shows:

Chicago Fire - just discovered this one about a week ago and already watched the whole first season. good gravy, this show is great. and the firefighters aren't bad to look at either.

Pretty Little Liars - i know, i know. pretty sure this one is meant for pre-teens but my roommate got me watching it and now i have to know who A is. i mean, have to know before my life can continue as usual. unfortunately, i have no idea when and if we're actually going to find out anytime this century.

The Real Housewives - i mean, does this even need an explanation. these women are so ridiculous that it's just fascinating to me.

Scandal - if you haven't started watching yet, you must. it's a a perfect mix of drama, love story, scandal (duh), and suspense.

Suits - i can't wait for this one to return in just two weeks! such a good one.

Parenthood - i love this family. this one is the most real of the shows. it deals with actual issues and problems that families face. there's humor, drama, sadness, joy. i cried more while watching this show than any other i've watched. like ever.

Parks & Rec - i just want to be friends with Leslie Knope.

...unfortunately (for me), this isn't quite a comprehensive list. in my humble opinion, it's some of the best options out there, except maybe the Housewives and PLL. as if i don't already have enough shows to keep up with, i'm open to hearing about others that you love!