Hair Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

i’ve been re-watching The Hills on Hulu recently. i remember watching Laguna Beach religiously in high school and was so excited when they introduced The Hills. and now, like 5 years later, i still love the show. it’s just a good dose of nonsense.

i always loved Lauren Conrad’s hair and wanted mine to look like it. now that i actually have long hair, i’m inspired by some of her styles and want to try to recreate some of her looks on myself. here’s some of my favorites:

all images via Google

1. i love how there’s just a slight curl to her hair. it looks really natural and easy breezy.
2. i would kill to be able to have a ponytail like that. my hair isn’t quite long enough for it (and i don’t have nearly as much hair as she does), but i think i could do something similar with the length i have now.
3. i love the simple twist/braid that she has to add a little flavor to her hair. it’s fun to mix it up sometimes like that.
4. these loose curls might be my favorite. i also love the color in this photo.
5. i love how her ombré looks in this photo with her curls.
6. i’m determined to have long enough hair to do the crown braid one day.
7. i like this easy messy bun with a twist for rainy days or second day hair.

so, consider me inspired.

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  1. Libby wrote:

    LC has such great hair all the time! Great inspiration choices 🙂 you could pull all of those off

    Posted 7.22.13 Reply

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