High Five for Friday

1. i scored these VS pants on sale for $12 and basically haven't taken them off since. there's really nothing like a good pair of sweatpants.
2. got these beauties in the mail from Carrie! (pssst! use code "laurenelizabeth" for 40% off!)
3. i woke up one day this week and realized that i get to decorate a whole new apartment soon! so, i went straight to Pinterest to see if i could find some good inspiration.
4. my roommate and i went to the driving range over the weekend and i actually had a good time. in fact, i kind of want to go again. which is strange because i always talk about how much i hate golf (mostly watching it. also, i don't exactly like competing against myself so...) but i shot it pretty good (for not having touched a club in 10+ years).
5. like i said on Instagram, i'm not really sure how to even caption this. i will tell you that he wasn't stretching for this photo, he was laying like that. i think it started as a stretch and ended as a good napping position. one could never know.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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  1. Just ordered the chandelier necklace from Caroline G. And used the code you provided and it took 50% off :)


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