High Five for Friday

1. i made a trip to the outlet mall earlier this week and awarded myself (for my hard work driving, of course) with some Auntie Anne’s. are there people in this world that can resist the aroma of that goodness?
2. so, here’s the story. i’ve wanted these pumps from J Crew for what feels like years. they happened to be at the outlet and they happened to be half off. so, they happened to come home with me. the end.
3. these brothers, i tell ya. they’re just perfect.
4. i’ve recently started watching Arrested Development on netflix and oh my goodness, i love it. so funny and one of those easily-quotable shows. like The Office and Friends. also, summer fruit and cool whip is good.
5. mike joined the rest of the modern generation and fiiiiiiinally got a smartphone that he can use to video chat with. praise the tech gods! seeing his face after 4 weeks of not seeing it was so good!

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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