Most Loved Jewels

1. Kate Spade Outlet 2. J Crew 3. Kate Spade Outlet 4. Kate Spade 5. Saturday 6. J Crew Factory

1. c/o Caroline G 2. J Crew Factory 3. Saturday 4. J Crew Factory 5. J Crew Factory 6. Madewell 7. c/o Maya Brenner (similar)

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i’ve really grown into being a jewelry wearer in the past two years or so. i never liked to fuss with it before, and am still pretty minimal when i do wear it, but i have a pretty good collection going, so i figure i should probably wear some of it every day. although i have quite a few options, i definitely have my favorites that i find myself wearing time and time again. most days i wear either of those post earrings, my “M” initial necklace or one of my long necklaces, my rings, and maybe a bracelet.

in the past three months, i’ve become a statement necklace wearer. i know, i know. i’m waaaay late to this party, but i’ve finally arrived and i love it. there’s nothing like a good statement necklace to round out an outfit that’s just “missing something”.

i realized a funny thing as i was writing this: the majority of my jewelry is from two places, J Crew and Kate Spade. i guess i have a particular style that i like. but really, i don’t mind spending a little bit of money on jewels that i know i will wear almost every day. there’s nothing worse than buying a necklace or ring and having it turn your skin green the next week. i mean, come on. although i can honestly say that the only thing i bought that was full price were those spade posts that i wear almost every day, so i’m okay with it.

what are your go-to jewels? do you have some that you wear almost every day?

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