Why I Love A Cheap Wireless Plan

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as i shared with you in this post, i was on the quest to save as much money as possible this summer because i’m moving in just under a month! with my upcoming move to Chicago, i know that i’ll have a lot of expenses (think moving truck, packing supplies, a new apartment, etc.) so it’s important for me to cut spending in as many areas as possible. one of those was through my cell phone bill, specifically trying to obtain a cheap wireless plan. Walmart sent me a Samsung Galaxy S4 for me to use while trying out their Family Mobile Service. (for my entire shopping experience, you can check out my Google+ story.)

i’ve had the phone for just over a month and received my first bill last week, through the online account management system. when comparing my Walmart phone bill to my iPhone bill, i saved over 40%. i was so excited when i saw how inexpensive the bill was! and the unlimited plan is the same as i have on my iPhone. crazy!

so, what i planned to use my savings on were three things:
1. to add to my “vacation” fund for traveling back to NC after i move
2. to go back to Walmart and buy one of the Essie nail polishes that caught my eye on my first trip
3. to have some money to take my boyfriend on a fun date when we’re finally living in the same place!

i’m happy to say that after just one month of savings, i am able to do 2 of the 3 things on my list! my first priority was getting that darn Essie polish that i just couldn’t get out of my head. i went with a neutral shade because i have so many bright colors already. Merino Cool was calling my name.

i currently have it on my toes and it’s a great neutral color.

the second thing i was able to do was use some of that saved money towards taking Mike out on a date. i’ll be with him next weekend and there just so happens to be a Chicago Cubs game at home one of the days that i’ll be in town, so i asked Mike if he wanted to go to the game with me!

he’s not really one to say no to a date, especially if i’m payin’, so we threw it in there with our other plans. i’ll be honest, i don’t really care for baseball. but i do care for the food that you can eat at baseball games, so naturally i’m down for going. i thought it would be something fun for us to do and a good “guy” date.

with the savings that i see over the next couple of months, i’m hoping to be able to tackle number one on my list of goals.

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