A Life Update

guys, my life has been a little wild lately. as you know by now, i spent the past week preparing to move back to IL over the weekend. Friday was a difficult day. i thought back and counted and am proud to admit that i cried a total of 8 separate times that day. whew. i’m pretty much dried up by now.

Saturday was spent in the car with my two cats and roommate. the cats did wonderfully on the 14.5 hour trip. they slept the whole time and even ate/drank a bit at our pit stops. they quickly settled into my bedroom at my parents’ and are slowly venturing out of my room to investigate the rest of the house. funny story: as i was getting ready one morning, Otis insisted on leaving the room with me, so i left the door open and let him walk out into the hallway. the family golden retriever (13 years old) was laying at the end of the hallway sleeping. Otis slowly and very gingerly crept closer to the dog, trying to figure out what that massive cat was doing just laying there. as soon as Riley noticed him, Otis felt very vulnerable and instantly puffed up like a squirrel. he stood, still as can be, trying to look tough. once he realized that he was about the size of Riley’s head, he quickly turned around and sought refuge under my bed.

Sunday was spent unloading the moving truck, going on a nice 14 mile bike ride with Mike and eating dinner with his family. i can’t even tell you how nice it is to live in the same zip code as him. i could definitely get used to it.

our bike ride destination. see?! the midwest CAN be beautiful! 😉

yesterday, i drove into the city to meet my roommate and check out our apartment before we move in just two weeks. the current tenant was in there getting ready for work, so we were able to see what it looks like with furniture. it’s funny to me how a room looks much larger with furniture in it, i’d think it would be the opposite effect. after checking it out, we walked a block or two over to lunch and were able to catch up a bit. every 10 minutes or so one of us would say something about how we’re so excited to move in and get settled. i cant believe the time has really come! i’ve been anticipating this transition for so long that i’m excited for it to happen!

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  1. Sam wrote:

    Congratulations Lauren! I'm excited to see what your life is like in the big city.

    Posted 8.20.13 Reply

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