High Five for Friday

1. i always have grand plans to read my digital magazines or watch my freshly downloaded movie on the plane and i always end up listening to music and staring out the window at the beauty of creation. that’s one of the most peaceful things for me.
2. upon discovering that my bag potentially didn’t make it with me to Chicago, i was stressed, to say the least. Mike picked me up from the airport and had some pretty flowers for me, which instantly lifted my mood. and then the airport called about 20 minutes later to let me know they found my bag! crisis averted.
3. if you follow me on instagram, you know that i asked for your help deciding which shoes to wear to the wedding. well, i clearly decided on these new beauties i picked up at J Crew Factory not too long ago. it was a good choice!
4. mike and i spent Tuesday hanging out in Chicago and walking around. we came upon this pretty spot and decided to relax for a bit and soak up the scenery.
5. milo decided to get some sun on his stomach. notice the totally stretched out legs.

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