High Five for Friday

happy friday, people! today is my last day in raleigh, so i’ll be spending it packing up all of my belongings into the moving truck and soaking up as much time as possible with my sister before i leave bright and early tomorrow. here’s a few highlights from my week:

1. did a little baby shopping with my sister earlier this week and it made me even more excited to finally meet the tiny man in a few months!
2. my friend Carrie sent me these macarons in the mail with her well wishes for my big move tomorrow! she’s da best!
3. as i divulged on twitter/instagram, i attended a ke$ha concert wednesday night and actually had a blast. she’s mostly a wild lunatic, but she also brings all the other wild lunatics out to see her perform, which means i got to do some of the best people watching around.
4. I’M FINISHED PACKING! (which is kind of key because the movers are coming at 9am to help load the truck)
5. poor little milo & otis have no idea what they’re in for tomorrow. 14+ hours in the car. i think this was milo’s attempt to get left behind and avoid that trauma.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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