this is my last week in the 'burbs before i move into my apartment on sunday. i haven't decided yet if this week is going to go by really fast because i have a lot to do to prepare for sunday, or if it's going to go by really slow because i'm really excited to get into my apartment. it's a tough call.

on saturday, i spent the day at our lakehouse with a bunch of my parent's friends and some of their kids. the weather couldn't have been nicer and we spent the day cruisin' around the lake in the pontoon and watching some skiers perform. it was pretty magical. okay, maybe not magical but wonderful. i always love going to the lake because i can totally and completely disconnect from the world and fully relax. the phone service isn't the best up there, so that's all the more reason to just leave my phone in my purse and enjoy myself. and that's exactly what i did.

do you have a place you can go to totally escape for a little bit? is there a certain room in your house or a particular park you like to go to and relax?
 jeans: Target
top: Target
necklace: J.Crew Factory
shoes: Marshall's
clutch: My mom's closet