What I Imagine

shade / grey box / yellow box / rug / pillow / desk

i’ve had a pretty good idea of what i’d like my bedroom and office space in my Chicago apartment to look like for quite a while. i decided several months ago that i wanted to do all black and white, and i think that’s actually going to happen. i may add a bit of color with that pillow and those storage boxes, but that’s about it. there’s just something really calming about a monochromatic room. i saw this rug at Ikea and fell in love with it instantly. i love that pattern and i think it will be really cool in my new room because it will cover a good portion of the floor. i can’t even tell you how excited i am to have hardwood floors that require cool rugs.

i’m keeping my same sheets, duvet cover, and bed frame, so i’m thinking i want to hang a large lamp shade/light combo over the bed for lighting at night. there won’t be a ton of floor space, so i probably won’t have a big bedside table for a lamp. which is kind of okay because i love the look of those hanging lights.

that desk also comes in all white, which i may change my mind and end up buying. i love the simplicity of it with the slight detail in the legs. it adds just enough character to make it fit right into the look i’m going for.

so, i’m picturing lots of pattern mixing, cool details, and simplicity for my new room. we’ll see how it all comes together. i cannot wait to get in that apartment and decorate. it will be like christmas, 4th of july, and labor day (yep, love that holiday) all in one!

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  1. Mylene wrote:

    The only thing about the rug is that in real light VS the product catalogue, its more of a dirty beige and black color… The geometric pattern is lovely though.

    Posted 8.21.13 Reply
  2. alishang wrote:

    If you go with the grey on the desk you might just have to "unchange" the name of your blog 😉

    Posted 8.21.13 Reply

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