on this day, i miss my small but wonderful group of people i spent most of my time with in North Carolina. although i've only lived here a couple weeks, there's something about such a big city that can make you feel so...anonymous. it's a weird feeling, walking around and passing by so many people but realizing that you haven't had an actual human connection with any of them.

i'm thankful to have a roommate that i can call a friend, my best friend just a quick el ride away, my boyfriend nearby, and modern technology to communicate with those not so close, but the transition into a new "group" is harder than i had anticipated. truthfully, i didn't even really think about  having to make new friends or getting to know a bunch of new people. i was so excited to be in a new city and be closer to my boyfriend that i forgot about all the other "life" stuff that i'd be experiencing. i'm looking forward to getting to know more people at the company i'm interning for and hopefully getting connected to a local church starting this weekend, but the investment ahead of me is intimidating. it's hard to get to know new people, at least it is for me. it requires time, openness, and vulnerability. it's wonderful once it happens, but it doesn't always happen right away.

as with most things in life, i just need to be patient and stop trying to be in control all the dang time.

**important note: just want to clarify that i don't intend for this post to be negative, depressing, or make me sound sad. just wanted to share my thoughts with you. because, well, i kinda like you.