closet questions, part seven

in case you missed them, parts one, two, three, four, five, and six.

Q: What’s the hardest part about blogging outfits? Ever look back at a post and wince? — Allyson
A: hmm…that’s a good question. at first, it was probably getting comfortable with taking a bunch of photos of myself and then sharing them for the world to see. talk about putting yourself out there. i’ve always been more of a behind-the-scenes person…i don’t really enjoy having a lot of attention on me and would prefer to stay in the background, but i’ve learned to be confident with what i have to “offer” and people seem to enjoy my outfit posts, so i keep doing them! now, the hardest part is just finding the time to shoot the outfits. it has to either be on the weekends or random days during the week when i can convince someone to be my photographer for a little bit.

i’m sure there are plenty of posts in the early days of my blog that would make me cringe, but it’s all part of my blogging journey, so i kind of like that. it’s fun for me to see where i’ve come from and how much my blog has transformed with me!

Q: I would love to hear your opinion on what are essential clothes to have in your closet. And maybe which kind of color you would recommend for them. (like neutral or bright, etc.) — Heide
A: for me, i like to have a variety of tees (plain v-necks, boyfriend style, graphic, and printed) to pair with jeans and a cardigan or blazer on the weekend. for the work week, pencil skirts, trousers or pants for work, and blazers are great pieces that can be mixed and matched. throw in some printed and solid blouses to layer under blazers or cardis for something a little different. i like to also have a variety of colored/patterned pants to mix and match on my days off with my blouses or tees. for tees, i tend to stick with neutrals. for blouses, i like to throw in some pattern and color because i tend to pair them with solid bottoms and a blazer or cardigan.

Q: Closet question: I seem to always have this problem of going into my closet and having something in mind to wear but I only have things on opposite ends of the spectrum. So I would have something that is too simple or too over the top. How do I stop buying the wrong items and better know what to buy when I go shopping? — Sydney
A: the best thing i can suggest for you to do is to take a couple hours one weekend and go through your entire closet. make sure that all the things that you have in your wardrobe are pieces that you do and will actually wear and that they’re all flattering and well-fitting. it may help you a lot to get rid of some things that you know you won’t wear, because it will narrow down your options. once you have your closet full of things that are your style and that you’ll wear, trying putting together some outfits that you haven’t put together before. through the process of doing that, you’ll probably come to realize the things that are missing, like patterned blouses or neutral options for bottoms. make a list and try to conquer it! it’s hard to give you specifics since i’m not able to look at all of your clothes and give you suggestions, but i hope this helps!

Q: How do you know when/how to style a statement necklace? — Allyson
A: i’m one of those people that thinks you can wear a statement necklace with just about anything. to me, the most obvious choice is to wear one with a dress or skirt/top combo. a statement necklace is great because it can totally bring an outfit together and it doesn’t require a lot of work. with solid dresses, it’s great to add one with color. if you’re doing a patterned or colored dress, but feel like you need to add a little something to bring the whole look together, try a simpler necklace like the crystal one on the left. i also love wearing them with graphic tees or more casual looking tops, like the color-blocked tunic on the bottom right. it adds a little glam and instantly brings an outfit up from being casual. other than those options, pairing them with a fun blouse or a sweater in the fall/winter is great, too!

Style a Statement Necklace
J.Crew blue dress / Madewell patterned dress / Topshop color block tunic / Green shirt  / Madewell Paris tee / Equipment neon pink blouse / Fuchsia and Blue necklace / Crystal necklace / J.Crew blue necklace
Q: I recently bought a maxi skirt and am having the hardest time pairing it with a shirt. It’s a foldover top, so I feel I have no choice but to do a tucked-in shirt. — Lauren

A: the foldover top maxis are tough. my best advice is doing the tucked-in shirt or pairing it with some sort of blouse. the blouse should either have a nice shape to it (i.e. nip in at the rib cage) or be something that you can belt to give yourself some shape. stay away from wearing a loose or flowy top because it won’t do anything for your figure when you pair it with a loose skirt!

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