Closet Questions, Part Six

in case you missed them, parts one, two, three, four, and five.

Q: I’m looking to add more basics to my closet and want to buy some basic t-shirts in multiple colors so that I can mix and match more.  Is there a brand/store you would recommend who has affordable and good quality t-shirts that won’t stretch out/shrink/get twisted in the wash? — Megan

A: my favorite places to buy basics from are J.Crew Factory (i pretty much swear by their v-necks), Old Navy, Target (i love their boyfriend tees), and Cotton On. Those are my first stops anytime I’m looking for a plain tee or tank.

Q: I have found that when I’m not work, I get in a casual clothing style rut! I usually throw on jeans and an old t shirt layered over a colored tank top, sometimes with a scarf. I get tired from dressing up for work, so I don’t feel like I have the energy to create fun non-work outfits. Any advice? — Kelly

A: try changing it up a little bit with a simple dress, maxi skirt, colored denim, tunic, blouse, or some fun jewelry. adding something as simple as a different piece of jewelry or changing your shoes can really change the look or an outfit and will make you feel refreshed!


H&M dress/ L’Agence black shirt / Topshop colorblock tunic / Forever New jeans/ H&M skirt / SHOUROUK yellow earrings / FOSSIL rose pendant / Blu Bijoux bib necklace

Q: Do you think it’s ever okay to wear denim on top and bottom at the same time? I have a denim vest and chambray shirts that I love wearing, but have limited non-jeans bottoms. –Brooke
A: denim on denim is definitely a combination that can be done, but it can be a little tricky. if you’re wanting to pull it off, i’d recommend sticking with two very different shades/colors of denim. for example, do a dark jean with a light chambray pullover or vest. that way, there’s no questions as to whether or not you were trying to wear a denim jumpsuit that day 😉 if you have some really dark (borderline black) jeans, you could wear those with just about any shade of denim that’s lighter than the jeans.

Q: How do you tell if an outfit is photogenic? In case one was planning engagement photos or just a really fun night out and hoping for a new profile pic? — Allyson

A: honestly, take a photo of yourself wearing the outfit! try to stick with colors that you know look good on you and clothes that are well-fitting. you know what they say: the camera adds 10 pounds, so try to stay away from loose or ill-fitting clothes for occasions like engagement or family portraits. on the flip side, don’t wear anything too tight. the best thing to do is wear clothing that you’re comfortable and confident in because that is what will show up most in the photo!

Q: How do you navigate the tucked-in top look? — Allyson
A: good question! it took me quite a while to come around to tucking my top in, but it really can make a big difference. there are two main reasons for me tucking in my top: wearing a maxi skirt of an oversized/flowy top. i like to tuck in my tops with my maxi skirts because i find that to be the most flattering way to wear a maxi skirt (at least for my body). i tend to wear looser tops, so it helps to tuck in since the maxi skirt is loose, too. when wearing an oversized/flowy top with shorts or jeans, i usually tuck in one side of it. i find that it helps to show my shape a little better and it helps to make me not look so boxy, especially when wearing boyfriend tees.

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