Everyday Makeup Tutorial

i've had a few requests for my daily makeup routine. you request, i make an awkward video.

products i use in the video:
(1)MAC -- Studio Fix in N4
(2)MAC -- Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
(3)Covergirl -- CG Smoothers Concealer
(4)Covergirl -- Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara
(5)Covergirl -- CG Smoothers BB Cream
mark. -- Matte Chance Mattifying Moisturizer (which i think they stopped making, which makes me very upset. WHY MUST YOU STOP MAKING A GREAT PRODUCT?!)


  1. mark still makes the Matte Chance Mattifying Moisturizer! I just got two new jars last week!

  2. Thanks Lauren. Am impressed by the simplicity of it all!!

  3. Chicago Fire must've been filming in the background! Speaking of, have you had any famous people encounters in the city?!

    And you're not awkward! I admire you & Kate for being so willing to answer everyone's questions. I know it has to get annoying, but y'all do it with such grace. :)


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