from where i’m sitting

this is my first official blog post in my new apartment. that deserves a little celebration, don’t you think? (spend 10-15 seconds doing your version of a happy dance. my sister’s and mine goes something like this: stand with both feet on the ground. start marching in place. make fists with your hands. with the opposite arm than the leg being lifted, act like you’re punching the ground. repeat rapidly until you’re laughing too hard to continue on.)

anywho, i had anticipated a different post for today, but things got a little wonky (this word is officially part of my vocabulary) so i’m just going to write you a quick note to let you know how my life is these days.

from where i’m sitting, i can turn around and see both cats sleeping soundly on my bed. man, oh man. they missed my bed while we were staying at my parent’s house. they haven’t left it since i brought them here two days ago. they woke up excitedly at about 5 yesterday morning. i think it was their way of telling me they approve of their new home.

from where i’m sitting, i can hear the noise of the city: a car honking it’s horn (out of joy and kindness, i’m sure), a horse-drawn carriage toting wide-eyed tourists, my personal a/c unit humming and pumping cool air throughout the room (by the way, personal units are officially my new standard), the L running on the tracks just a few blocks south. you get the picture, right? i love the sounds of the city. although, i am going to complain about the street sweepers that are loud and obnoxious early in the morning and wake me up. but that’s all.

from where i’m sitting, i’m looking at my new workspace that i L-O-V-E. i shared a little preview on instagram yesterday, but won’t be sharing the final reveal until probably next week. i still have a couple finishing touches to do, but it’s turning out better than i imagined.

from where i’m sitting, my feet are still a little sore from all the walking i’ve done over the past couple days. in case you wondered, i’ve made the 45 minute roundtrip walk to Target twice in 3 days. oh, it’s like that. (i could take public transportation, but the weather is just too nice for that nonsense.)

from where i’m sitting, my stomach is grumbling so i’m going to go eat some food.

thanks for listening. er, reading. be back tomorrow.

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