High Five for Friday

happy friday! hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. i’m pretty exhausted still from the move and getting all settled in, but am thrilled to finally be living in Chicago and starting this new phase of life. thanks to everyone that has offered support, encouragement, and well wishes over the past few weeks. i really appreciate it!

let’s recap the week, shall we?

1. milo and otis have really made themselves at home in the new place. the photo on the far right was their experience in the car driving to the apartment. i think they were kinda scarred by the 15 hour road trip they were subjected to, so they were a little mad i was making them ride in the car again. also, can we take a second to talk about the middle photo? it’s totally unstaged. i walked around to the foot of my bed to go to the closet and noticed milo totally passed out. it was so cute. honestly, i’m just so happy that they’ve settled in and seem to be enjoying the new digs.

2. the weather has been so nice in Chicago the past couple days. it’s been perfect for walking my errands and enjoying being out in the city. i’m already dreading the arrival of winter.
3. this incident wouldn’t normally top my list of favorite things from the week, however i wanted to share it with you so that i didn’t have to suffer alone. although, i will because i’m the only one that witnessed it with my eyes.

4. i conquered riding the el (or L) by myself yesterday! i’ve been on it enough times to know what i was doing, but it was kind of a proud moment to do it all by myself. also, public transportation is super convenient (most of the time.)

5. it’s just really great that i get to see this guy whenever i want.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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