high five for friday

we meet again, friday! i particularly love fridays because they’re more like saturdays, given my schedule. anywho, i’m looking forward to actually get some things done around the apartment and running a few errands. but first, let’s review the week:

1. my mom and sister so graciously picked up this Philip Lim for Target bag for me in North Carolina and i’m obsessed. obsessed, i tell you.

also wearing: J.Crew chambray and phone case, Target pants and necklace

2. i made the formal announcement yesterday on facebook and instagram that i’m officially the sole owner of Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry! i’m excited to continue making jewels and sending pretty things to people.

3. speaking of my sister, she’s awesome. she sent me the sweetest care package filled with so many fun things. i’m just now picking my jaw up off the ground.

flats, tee and hairties: J.Crew, sweatshirt: Target, mug: Ashley Brooke Designs

4. speaking of my sister again, i get to see her in just under two weeks!!! we haven’t seen each other in over a month, so you can probably imagine that we’re looking forward to hanging again. can’t wait to see that baby bump, too!

5. i popped into H&M earlier this week and went on a total sweater trying on binge. i ended up leaving with two of them, which i’ve already worn multiple times. i’m going to be the sweater queen this fall, i can already feel it.

overall, it’s been a pretty great week!

p.s. a little shout out to Kate, since she’s speaking at the Influence Conference tomorrow! wish i could be there!

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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