intern duties

my first “official” assignment at my new internship is to attend the taping of Windy City Live this morning…um, i’ll take it! for those that don’t know, WCL is Chicago’s local daytime show. i’ve only had the chance to see a few episodes, so i’m looking forward to experiencing it in-person and seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

the reason i’m attending the show is because i’m a marketing intern to Billy Dec, who does a weekly segment on WCL where he talks about all the great events going on in the Chicago area for the following week. as part of my internship, i’ll be responsible for finding those events that he will talk about on the show, which is pretty darn cool (in my humble opinion).

i get to take my mom with me to the taping, so i’m looking forward to spending some time with her today!

and, of course, follow along on instagram for probably too many photos of my experience at WCL.

happy wednesday!

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