BYG Hair Mask (Review)

after many, many years of highlighting and heat-styling, my poor little hair is fragile and in need of as much hydration as possible. i’ve become much more aware of taking good care of it, especially since i stopped highlighting it several months ago. i still heat-style about 4-5 days a week, but i condition it often and do my best to care for it.

when the ladies at Bring Your Glam got in contact with me about trying their hair mask, i couldn’t resist the opportunity. i tried it a couple days ago and was pretty impressed with the results. truthfully, i’m always a bit hesitant to try a new product on my hair because i don’t know how it will affect my ability to style it like normal, so i just applied the hair mask to the lower half of my hair, about mid-shaft to the ends. it’s super easy to use and i think it would exhibit good results after a few uses.

1. start with damp hair. apply the BYG hair mask thoroughly — you can concentrate it on your most-damaged areas. for me, that’s my ends.

2. leave hair mask on for 20 minutes. (i just wrapped mine up and clipped it so that i could finish applying my makeup)

3. rinse hair completely and style as usual.

it’s difficult to tell in the photos, but my hair definitely felt softer and styled more easily.

overall, i was happy with the results! as i mentioned before, i think i would be able to see really good results after a few uses, but my first run through was successful enough that i would do it again!

interested in trying the hair mask for yourself? you can purchase it here.

although BYG sent me their hair mask free of charge, all opinions are my own.

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