High Five for Friday

hello, young songbirds. (i’m finding the need to address you all collectively, and creatively.) today i get to hang out with my sister and mom in the city and show them what city-life is all about. i’m pretty thrilled. there will be much eating and some shopping and probably lots of instagramming.

1. i like venturing off to new areas on my days off and discovering beautiful views like this one. i sure do love living in this city.
2. Otis. no words required.
3. i can’t even tell you how nice it is to no longer be in a long distance relationship. i love this little idiot. if not for him, i wouldn’t laugh nearly as much as i do on a daily basis.
4. i re-discovered the glory of cinnamon and sugar on pie crust. my goodness, it is delish.
5. i stopped into Francesca’s with a friend on Wednesday, ya know, just checking out the fall collection and what not. i walked out with these 4 beauties. in my defense, they were having a sale. and we all know i can’t say no to a sale. (check Francesca’s website for items — not sure if they’re up there or not since they’re new)

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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