High Five for Friday

hidey hoe, chickadees! coming to you from the great land of North Carolina, where it feels like i never even left. this week has pretty much flown by, so let’s review my favorite things that happened:

1. i always love when traveling goes smoothly and is totally uneventful, which is what i experienced yesterday. the most eventful thing was arriving in NC and realizing that i was way over-dressed. the weather is nice here still.

2. i think Chicago has officially decided that it’s fall, which i’m actually pretty thrilled about. my sweater collection is rapidly growing and also rapidly growing impatient as it sits in my closet

3. so, these cats. they like warm things. and they like to snuggle. put the two together and they’re in heaven.

4. i’m thrilled to get more hang out time with my sister. it’s been so weird to not live in the same city the past couple months, so it’s great to spend some QT together.

5. i was able to spend a rainy Tuesday inside catching up on work for my blog and jewelry shop.  it was cozy and productive and actually really relaxing.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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