Layered Up

i’m a big fan of layering clothes. until about a year ago, i used to wear a cami under every single thing i wore. it was a second skin to me and felt so weird to just throw on a tee.

i’m not really sure how it changed, but i stopped wearing one every day. however, that’s not to say that i don’t layer things anymore. i’m still the queen in that department. i like the way layers look and feel.

now that i’m living in the city, layers are an essential component to my fall wardrobe. long sleeves, sweatshirts, vests and scarves are my friends. i layered up nice and good for a chilly Saturday at Lincoln Park Zoo with my boyfriend. we wanted to grab a quick lunch at Jam ‘n Honey, but there was a bit of a wait and we were pretty starving, so we walked a block over to Homeslice and enjoyed some pizza. (which, by the way, they have real good thin crust pizza). we headed to the zoo, with very clear goals of which animals were necessary to see. for Mike, it was the monkeys. for me, the cats. surprise, surprise.

i want to take a second and thank the good people of Lincoln Park Zoo for allowing it to be free. there’s not much that’s better than a fun afternoon activity that you can do for free. am i right?

this outfit now has a special place in my heart because it’s the one i was wearing when i made eye contact with a giant gorilla. pretty sure he looked straight into the depths of my soul. unfortunately for me, i’m not sure if he liked what he saw because, after our deep connection, he swiftly made his way to the other side of his habitat. or maybe that was because the keeper was offering him lettuce on that side. it could go either way.

outfit details
hoodie: H&M (old)
vest: American Eagle (similar)
scarf: Hot Mama (similar)
purse: Jessica Simpson (similar)
jeans: Target (similar)
boots: Target (similar)

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  1. ErinKremer wrote:

    As a child I also had a gorilla stare into the depths of my soul… He then attacked the glass, scared the ever living crap out of me, and ran away. I have not been back to the gorillas since. Love the free zoos, stl!

    Posted 10.29.13 Reply
  2. jesskuhrae wrote:

    I worked on a research project when I was an undergrad in our gorilla forest at our zoo. The first thing they told us was to never make eye contact with the males, especially if they're alphas because they'll see it as a challenge to their dominance. Lauren, I think you may have challenged & won! Haha

    Posted 10.30.13 Reply

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