To Halloween or Not To Halloween

to those that like this holiday, Happy Halloween! to those that don’t really care about it, Happy Thursday!

i’ll be honest, i fall into that second category. i liked Halloween up until the point that it became socially unacceptable for me to go up to strangers’ homes and ask for candy. for free. “he said, it’s fo free!” (all you Bridesmaids lovers probably appreciated that, didn’t you?) anywho, all hallow’s eve ain’t really my thang no mo’, so i won’t be doing anything to celebrate. and even if i was, i’d probably get pretty annoyed with the crowds everywhere tonight, so yeah. however, if i was dressing up, you guys know that i would be a cat. i’m considering just dressing up as one to hang around my apartment tonight…because that’s pretty much my idea of fun these days.

there is a rather significant part of me that wishes i lived in a place where tiny children dressed up as ridiculous things would be knocking on my door and begging for candy. but then again, i’d rather not spend $15 on a bag of candy that i’ll be passing out for free.

outfit details
grey tank: Cotton On
flannel: Old Navy (similar)
leather jacket: Kenneth Cole Outlet
leggings: Hot Mama
boots: Target
scarf: World Market (similar)
purse: Kate Spade 

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  1. Lol! I can totally relate! I enjoy seeing all the cute kiddy outfits, but I wasn't investing in a costume. Plus we spent nearly $50 on candy! You look fab ROCKstar esque in your pics.

    Posted 11.1.13 Reply

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