You’re Pretty Cool, Chicago

i can’t believe it’s already been about a month and a half since i moved into my apartment in Chicago. i used to wonder what my life would be like here back when i was living in North Carolina and, i gotta say, it’s pretty much as i expected it would be. there haven’t really been any big surprises as far as schedules and routines go, but i’ve definitely learned some things so far.

like, for instance, that i actually really enjoy using public transportation. apart from the sometimes strong odors and strange encounters, i love the convenience and the fact that it makes me feel like i’m really living in a city and belong here.

also, grocery shopping isn’t nearly as big of a pain as i thought it would be. i’m thankful to be within 6 blocks of a variety of grocery stores, so the walk isn’t bad. also, i have a bag with wheels that i bring with so i don’t have to lug my groceries around the city. that cart from Ikea has really changed my life, i tell ya.

i’ve learned my way around pretty quickly and can actually tell which direction i’m heading (north, south, etc.) most of the time. this is a huge step, seeing as i always assumed north was straight in front of me before living here. oh, you do that too? good, i’m not alone!

it’s still weird sometimes for me to say that i live in Chicago. my sister and i were talking about that this weekend — it feels like summer went by so quickly and, before we knew it, i was leaving North Carolina. now i’ve already been here a month and a half, i can’t believe it! sometimes it feels like everything has happened so quickly that i haven’t even had time to process it.

at the most random times and in the most random places, i’ll get this overwhelming, all-encompassing feeling of homesickness for North Carolina. it just washes over me and almost stops me dead in my tracks, every single time. there must be little, unnoticeable things that trigger it. i love this new experience and new chapter in my life (so far), but there are days that i long for that Carolina sun to shine on me and to be back in my apartment with my roommate or hanging out with Kate at the drop of a hat. i really had no idea just how much i loved and appreciated that place until i moved away.

i’ve pretty much been in denial about the fact that i will have to suffer through Chicago winters, once again. i lived in the area until i was 21 and made the brilliant decision to move South to the land of mild winters. i haven’t ever experienced living in the actual Windy City during the brutal months of January, February, and March, though. darn you, sideways snow and whipping wind. you may make me regret this. i DID however purchase a long winter coat, which is basically a bodysuit — covers from neck to ankle. that should do the job.

overall, i think you’re pretty cool, Chicago. keep it up.

tee: J.Crew Factory
sweater: H&M
jeans: Target (similar)
scarf: Hot Mama
shoes: Target
bag: Kate Spade

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  1. Chicago is such a great city! I am sure you miss NC, but it's a great substitute!

    Haute Child in the City

    Posted 10.16.13 Reply
  2. My husband is from the Chicago area so we go there a lot! I love that city! We would love to live there someday! I'm glad you are enjoying it so far!


    Posted 10.19.13 Reply

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