Favorites List

color - to wear: black or grey / to look at: most shades of pink and purple

ice cream flavor - it's a tie between mint chocolate chip and coffee

hair product - Kenra 25 hairspray

beauty product - CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash mascara

nail polish - currently: CND Vinylux in Cake Pop

mode of transportation - car

tv show - all time: Friends, comedy: Arrested Development, drama: Chicago Fire, dramedy: Parenthood

material possession (non-electronic) -  i would have a reaaaal hard time getting rid of my bed. anyone that knows me well enough, knows this.

vacation spot - warm: Marco Island, FL / cold: Park City, UT

month - September. i love the beginning of the cooler weather, the leaves turning, apple picking, and the fact that i can usually pull off wearing a sweater without people thinking i'm crazy

day of the week - these days, it's Tuesday. it's my day off, so i love having the day to myself to work on blog stuff, make jewelry, grocery shop, workout, and just lounge around

time of day - morning, which will probably surprise my close people because i'm not exactly a morning person, but i love drinking my coffee and getting ready for the day

year of life, so far - probably this one. there have been a lot of changes in this year, but i feel like they all are leading me to where i want to be, personally, spiritually, and professionally. and i'm pretty over the moon excited to become an aunt during this one.

physical activity - i really enjoy running, but only on days that i actually feel motivated to do so. i wish that i lived by some sort of nature park, because i also enjoy hiking. and snow skiing. so there's a few for you.

lazy day activity - lounging in bed in cozies with my cats watching shows

store* - this is a quiz. if you don't know the immediate answer to this question, we aren't as good of friends as i thought.

type of animal** - the quiz continues. i will be horrified if you don't know. it will be a disappointment to my very nature as a human.

holiday - probably Christmas. i really do enjoy everything about the Christmas season, except maybe the cold weather. but i do like snow on Christmas.'

sport - i'm not much of a sportsman, but i do very much enjoy watching college and professional basketball. i've come around to football a bit, too.



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