High Five for Friday

happy friday and welcome to the month of november — whaaaaaat! for those that were not aware, National Cat Day was earlier this week. this holiday is far and away my favorite because cute photos of cats are littered on every single social media outlet for the entire day (and sometimes the entire week).

in honor of this fabulous holiday, i decided that today was going to be an honorary cat-themed High Five for Friday, in which i share five of my favorite photos of the boys. enjoy!

1. this was Otis’ first day home. he was a tad shy, so he liked to crouch under things for the first few days. how freaking cute is that face, though?!

 2. this photo is evidence that milo has been a ham ever since he came home with me. i swear, that cat loves having his own paparazzi.

3. this is my favorite unposed photo of them cuddling. i mean, come on.

4. don’t you just wanna snuggle your face into belly?!

5. i caught them working on their secret handshake, so otis decided to give me some attitude.

i kind of wish this was called High Five (Hundred) for Friday because that’s about how many photos i could be sharing with you guys today. but i’ll spare you, for now!

if you celebrated Halloween yesterday, i hope you enjoyed it!

have a happy weekend, er’body!

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