High Five for Friday

happy friday, kitty cats! truth be told, this is the first blog post i’ve written all week (thank you, post scheduling). it feels good to be back, to blogging and to reality. i spent the last several days in North Carolina with my sister, which we realized was the last time it would be just the two of us! Baby Small Things will be here before we know it and then we’ll have a dude doing girly things with us. hopefully he won’t protest too much 😉

let’s recap the week:
1. kate and i were able to attend a Duke basketball game while i was in town, which was so fun!

2. tomorrow is Mike’s and my one year anniversary! i can’t believe it’s already been a year for us — time flies when you’re in love, right? we don’t have any big plans, but i’m sure i’ll instagram a thing or two.

3. so, i don’t know what happened, but i had a crazy amount of jewelry sales while i was gone and spent two hours wrapping them all upon returning to my apartment yesterday. not that i’m complaining, at all. hello, Christmas gift fund! 

4. so, we all know that the weather in NC (and the entire southeast) is generally just the best, right? well, this past week was no exception, so i was especially dreading returning to the cold midwest. alas! it was not as cold as i thought it would be. Mike attributes this to me “getting used to it”(as if i didn’t spend the first 21 years of my life suffering in the midwestern winters). anyway, it really made my day yesterday that i didn’t have to return to below freezing temperatures. although, i think they’re coming for me this weekend.

5. the caaaaats. it brings me such pure and unadulterated joy to return home to my cats. it’s almost sick. i also love that they’re always really loving the first 36 hours after our reunion.

how has your week been? link up below and use #H54F in social media posts!

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  1. I don't think he'd appreciate being called baby small things! Lol!

    Posted 11.23.13 Reply

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