High Five for Friday

Friday, we meet again! i’m particularly excited about today because the first official Duke game of the season is tonight!

a little back story, for those that don’t know: my brother-in-law is a massive Duke fan and quickly turned me into one shortly after i moved to North Carolina. i never really cared about sports before, so my family was pretty shocked when i took such a liking to watching Duke play. i’ve been to a handful of games (if you’ve ever wanted to go to a really fun sporting event, try to get tickets to a home gam. there’s nothing else like it!) and watched pretty much every one since becoming a fan. i also converted my friend Sam to being a fan, so we’re planning on watching the game together! 
back to regular programming
here’s five of my favorite things from this week: 
1. i made these stuffed peppers and they were so good. you should make ’em.
2. i have some exciting things in store for Elisabeth Ashlie, hopefully starting with the new year! be sure to stay tuned! 
3. i spent Wednesday with my mom and it was great! i love that she can just come hang out for the day and we can enjoy everything Chicago has to offer. we visited the World’s Fair exhibit at the Field Museum. it was mostly underwhelming (we expected more), but really interesting to learn some of the history.
4. i’m heading back to North Carolina to hang out with my sister for a few days a week from tomorrow!
5. the obligatory cat photo in my H54F post, in which Otis looks like he’s really mad at me. i don’t remember doing anything to offend him, though. 
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! be sure to use #H54F when sharing your post on social media!

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