Q+A, Part Three

here’s the questions that were answered:
(1:15) how do you make your coffee at home?
(2:51) do you wear makeup every day?
(4:11) how often will you go back to see Kate and the baby?
(5:27) do you want kids someday?
(7:17) any talks of marriage?
(9:23) do you see yourself staying in Chicago?
(11:05) what are your favorite places to shop?
(13:57) what inspired you to start the jewelry business? was it difficult to get started?
(19:03) do you make any money blogging? if so, how?

also, i say “um” a whole lot. sorry.

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  1. Lindsey wrote:

    Hi there! I love love love your top in this video! It's perfect for statement necklaces! Where did you get it? It has to go on my Christmas wish list!

    Posted 11.26.13 Reply
  2. ERay wrote:

    I am curious who did the graphics for your Etsy page as you mentioned?

    Posted 11.29.13 Reply

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