Winter Essentials

the cold weather has arrived with a vengeance in Chicahhhhgo. i'll tell ya, my Northern roots have all but completely disappeared. i am such a baby with this weather, and i haven't even seen close to the worst of it yet. Lord, help me. i thought i'd share a short (and probably not extensive) list of must-haves for your purse or work bag this winter.

(clockwise, from left)
>> portable phone charger - this one isn't exclusive to winter, but it sure is a life-saver. my sister bought one for me and it's come in handy on a few occasions when i needed a quick charge for my phone and wasn't near an outlet. also, how cute is that pattern?!
>> glittens -- i live for glittens. they keep my fingers warm but also allow me to easily access my hands without having to take the whole glove off.
>> static guard -- with winter comes the driest air of all time. therefore, my hair is almost always statically charged and sticking to everything. i keep a can of static guard handy for a quick spray once i take my winter jacket off.
>> hand cream -- my skin dries out so quickly in the cold weather, so i make sure to have a really good moisturizer on hand for after i wash my hands or if they're feeling especially in need of moisture.
>> tinted lip balm -- it adds some color to my already pale skin, while also replenishing my lips
>> hair spray -- another one that isn't exclusive to winter, but always comes in handy.
>> hair ties -- i like to have a couple on hand in case i need to throw my hair back after it's been whipped around by the Chicago wind or if i want to tuck it in my coat or under a hat neatly. it doesn't hurt that they're pretty, too!
>> an extra pair of warm socks -- there's nothing worse than having to wear wet socks in the winter. if you find yourself stuck in a snowstorm without snow-proof shoes, extra socks can go a long way in keeping you warm and cozy.
>> Starbucks gift card -- or a card to wherever you like to get your favorite hot drink. there's nothing better than the warmth of coffee, tea, or cocoa filling up your body on a cold winter day.

what are some things that you make sure to have on hand during the winter months, no matter where you are?


  1. Skinny jeans tucked into boots. There's nothing worse than walking around w wet pants. #shortgirlprobs

  2. Where did you get those hair ties? I love them!


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