Christmas Break

if i’m being totally honest with you guys, one of the very few things i miss about being in school was the holiday breaks i would get. who doesn’t love the chance to just take a few weeks off of your normal routine to do something different (or nothing at all)?

i was fortunate enough to not have to work over my Christmas breaks, so i would enjoy time at home with my family and relaxing. i was lamenting over the fact that those days are gone when i decided that i’m going to take my own Christmas break this year. although it won’t be for nearly as long, it will still be nice to not have to even think about anything work-related.

mike and i are headed down to Raleigh tomorrow morning to spend a few days with my family down there. we’re both looking forward to a little “getaway” and i cannot wait to hold my nephew again. i’m weirdly excited about our first time flying together. it was either that or a 14 hour road trip on Christmas Eve, which wasn’t exactly our first choice.

so, all this to say that it’s going to be a tad quiet around here the next couple days.

i hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and wonderful few days – either with your family, friends, or whomever you will be spending time with.

in totally separate news, the fact that i was able to wear this outfit on december 22nd and not freeze my tush off is a miracle.

outfit details:
jeans: Madewell
sweatshirt: H&M
vest: American Eagle (so old, just about ancient)
scarf: Prima Donna
purse: Kate Spade
hat: J.Crew Factory
shoes: Converse 

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