Christmas Giraffes

it’s hard to believe that one week from today will be the day after Christmas. it seems only fitting that i finally get my Christmas tree up, right? my decor has been pretty sad this year. i’m going to blame that on the fact that my latest move from NC to Chicago made me realize that i want to hoard as little as possible at my apartment, which means that holiday decor resides entirely at my parents’ home. i did find this fab tree at Home Goods with my mom a couple months ago and had to have it. i mean had to have it. it was originally a brownish black, but my mom spray painted it gold for me. i added some simple Ikea candles (for $.79 a pop, no less) and lights and wahlah!

speaking of Christmas trees and things of that nature, how out of this world adorable is this handmade ornament from Samantha of Emariecreations. there’s a newborn baby (hint, hint: my nephew) that may or may not be receiving this as his first Christmas ornament from his aunt.

it’s just beyond.

small side note: i’ve started using that fairly obnoxious phrase and have no idea where i picked it up from. i say that it’s obnoxious because it’s not even an entire sentence. it’s missing the last word, like cute or adorable or pretty or obnoxious. see what i’m saying? 

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