High Five for Friday

We Three Cats of Orient Are
We three cats of Orient are
Terrified to get in the car.
Why go out for celebrating?
We’ll stay right where we are. Oooh-
Home is heaven. Home is good.
Home is where we get our food.
Why go out for Christmas parties?
Frankly we’re not in the mood.
We’re not happy with a trip yet. 
Seems they always end at the vet.
These excursions are diversions
We’d just as soon forget. Oooh-
repeat Chorus
We three cats are Siamese,
Himalayan, and Tonkinese.
Bring us gifts of meat with gravy
And mild kinds of cheese. Oooh-
repeat Chorus
my roommate gave me the book Catmas Carols for my birthday and it’s hilarious. if you have any cat lovers in your life that you need a gift for, buy them this book.
back to business as usual…happy friday! hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and get to have a restful weekend. i’ve somehow managed to make my birthday last an entire week by stretching out the festivities, so i’m looking forward to celebrate with friends tonight. 
here’s how my week went:
1. my family has a tradition of making Danish Ebleskiver for breakfast on holidays or times when we’re all together, so Thanksgiving was no exception. it’s my grandma’s recipe, so i always think of her whenever we have them. 
2. my birthday was great! i’m planning a full recap next week, in which i will talk about the best meal of my life. 
3. i recently found a new place for lunch and MAN it’s good. it’s nearby, so it’s perfect to run in quick when i’m hungry and want a break from working. i love finding new things like that.
4. i started my new job this week and am so, so excited about it. we’re still finalizing the details, but as soon as everything is ready, i’ll share all the details with you guys! 
5. Otis photobombed my bed in the funniest way earlier this week. like, dude, what’s with the one leg action?! 
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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